A year of record growth for EuroVelo websites


Last year was successful for the entire EuroVelo web platform with record-breaking numbers of visitors. The ever-increasing growth of our platform reflects and supports the growth of the cycle tourism industry generally.

Record numbers

We’ve crunched the numbers and they are impressive! The number of new visitors to the EuroVelo webpages rose by more than 28% compared to last year. In total, across the entire EuroVelo web platform, our websites received 5,340,997 pageviews in 2018. This is an all-time high and a year-on-year increase of 26.5%. This substantial yearly growth reflects the fact that the EuroVelo network is the biggest cycle tourism initiative of its kind in Europe.

The way visitors arrive at our sites is equally an important factor. Over half of the traffic to our sites was delivered by organic searches. This means that most of the visitors are willingly looking for us, wanting to discover more about travelling on EuroVelo routes or cycle tourism in general. The aggregate pageview results appear even more impressive considering that EuroVelo doesn’t use paid advertising to drive traffic to any part of its platform. Additionally, the amount of traffic driven through social media channels increased by 20% over the previous year.

Aggregate results from the EuroVelo Web Statistics 2018 report

The global trend of increasing mobile usage is echoed with the record 58% rise by visitors using their smartphones and other mobile devices to browse our websites. While most users still access the sites using their desktop computers, the convenience of having an accessible and fully optimized mobile experience to access route information can’t be understated as shown by these figures. The new EuroVelo web platform, which will be formally launched soon, will further cater to our audience with a modern and easy to use mobile interface!

At the core of the EuroVelo web platform is which provides information on all the EuroVelo routes and cycle tourism generally in every European country. This website continues to perform exceptionally well as reflected by the vast amount of pageviews (4,308,858 – 33.7% increase) associated solely with 2018 marks the first time that the website broke the million unique visitors’ milestone. Among the 1,050,070 visitors, 847,560 (41.7% increase) were new visitors to the site while 202,510 (40.7% increase) were returning visitors. On average, all visitors spent around 3 minutes on the site.

Routes: EuroVelo 15 remains the most popular route

There were outstanding increases for most of our popular routes this year. However, EuroVelo 15 – Rhine Cycle Route continues to be the most visited route page by a good margin with 771,105 pageviews. The pageviews for EuroVelo 6 – Atlantic – Black Sea rose 88.3% to a record amount of 267,397. The other most visited routes were EuroVelo 1 – Atlantic Coast Route, EuroVelo 3 – Pilgrims’ Route, EuroVelo 8 – Mediterranean Route and EuroVelo 7 – Sun Route.

Countries: France attracts the most visitors

With 1,114,449 pageviews across 266,510 visitors, France is still the country which brings the most attention to our web platform. Although the most visited route for French visitors is also EuroVelo 15, one of the main drivers of the French visitors’ increasing numbers is EuroVelo 6. Other countries with high number of pageviews include the United Kingdom, Germany, United States (record high 80.7% increase) and Belgium.

We owe a massive thanks to our partners and other stakeholders that helped to promote the European cycle network. Most importantly, we thank our visitors who continue to take interest in EuroVelo and our network of 15 long distance cycle routes. With your support, we aim to do even bigger things in the upcoming year!

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