UNESCO Workshop: bringing cycling tourism and cultural heritage together


If you want to find out how cycling tourism can benefit cultural heritage do not miss the UNESCO Workshop that is taking place in Jelling, Denmark on 25th April!  This original event will look at the challenges faced by cultural heritage sites when their numbers of visitors increase and the solutions that cycling can provide.

The growth in popularity of cultural heritage site visits has brought important revenues through entrance fees and souvenir sales, but it can also have damaging consequences, especially if a significant number of visitors arrive by private car. In order to preserve our heritage, it is vital that we find efficient ways to change visitors’ travel behaviour.

Grand-Place of Tournai, Belgium – © Denis Erroyaux/WBT

Promoting the use of the bicycle to visit cultural heritage sites is a very good way to reduce the impact of leisure travel. When more tourists travel by bike it solves parking problems, dramatically reduces pollution and improves the sites’ settings.

Here is the preliminary program of the UNESCO Workshop:

  • Identifying the issues: An overview of the problems created by increased access to cultural heritage sites, largely by private car.
  • Options for promoting behaviour change: Creating a site specific plan, and first steps in changing travel behaviour.
  • Case studies: Some examples of successful ‘travel behaviour change’ campaigns at other cultural sites.
  • Roundtable discussion: Sharing your experiences and learning from each other.
  • Conclusions: summing up the day and presentation of a new handbook that is being prepared on this topic.

All people involved in cultural heritage site management are highly welcome to attend this free event. Join us to share your expertise, discuss the challenges that you have met in the past and hear ideas that will help you to tackle this important issue!

EuroVelo 3 in Galicia, Spain – © Marc Gasch

You can already pre-register to the workshop by sending an email to with the title ‘UNESCO Workshop’.

unesco workshop preview