Successful kick-off for a sustainable project!


The kick-off meeting of the ECO-CICLE project started on Monday 8 October in Huelva, Spain, and two members of the EuroVelo Management team went to this beautiful Andalusian region to take part. Read this short report to discover how this project, which aims to make bicycle the official sustainable transport to access natural heritage, was officially launched!

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The County Council of Huelva, lead partner in the project, organized the first day as a study-visit for the participants to two locations. The first was the construction site of the pilot project along the Rio Tinto. In this pilot project, the first 5km of the old railroad tracks will be transformed into a cycling route, and through the following years, a cycling route of approximately 100km should be built along the whole length of the river Rio Tinto. More information about this fascinating greenway is available here.

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After lunch, the participants visited Puerto de la Laja on the Spanish-Portuguese border (see the exact location), where they had the opportunity to try e-bikes and ride some 10km on the Via Verde del Bajo Guadiana. Here is a short video footage of what it looked like:

On the second day, the County Council of Huelva organized an opening conference with a keynote presentation from the local sport icon: Pedro Delgado. He is a former professional road bicycle racer from Segovia. The peak of his career was when he won the Tour de France in 1988, and the Vuelta a España in 1985 and 1989. Pedro Delgado works now as a sports commentator for Televisión Española during important cycling events.


Jesus Freire, Business Development Officer at ECF and member of the EuroVelo team, held a presentation on the topic of Cycle Tourism. A presentation on the topic of the AtlanticOnBike project (EuroVelo 1 – Atlantic Coast Route) was also held, addressing the EuroVelo 1 route which passes through the area of Huelva. The ECO-CICLE project will indeed allow to create a connection between EuroVelo 1 – Atlantic Coast Route in Algarve and EuroVelo 8 – Mediterranean Route in Cadiz through the natural area of Doñana in Andalusia.


The third and fourth days were for the project partners only and were dedicated to address and plan operational topics of the ECO-CICLE project. The lead partner and all of the project partners agreed that the next project meeting will be held in April 2019, in the Polish city of Torun.

ECO-CICLE_Conference_Photo attendees