Full house at the EuroVelo and Cycle Tourism Conference!


With more than 150 registered participants, which is twice the number of the previous edition, the EuroVelo and Cycle Tourism Conference 2018 is sold out. We are delighted to welcome visitors from 30 different countries to Limburg on 26-28 September, and we believe that this edition of the Conference will be the best yet!

Only 2 days remain before the Conference Day, featuring 5 plenary speakers and at least 27 speakers distributed in the six parallel sessions. Moreover, the Conference will be opened by Igor Philtjens, Chair of Tourism Limburg and the BLCB, and by Christophe Najdovski, President of the European Cyclists’ Federation. The full programme, with the details of each parallel session and the speakers’ biographies, is available on the Conference’s website.

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This year’s EuroVelo and Cycle Tourism Conference is all about experiencing the unique. In the plenary sessions you will learn about the pioneering cycle node network of Limburg, which has now expanded all over Flanders and the Netherlands, and you will hear stories about adventurous bikepacking journeys that demand a high level of organization. But there will also be some speeches not directly related to cycling and aiming to inspire you to step out of your box, either by finding creative solutions to everyday problems or by looking across borders towards the far east with the UNWTO’s Silk Road initiative. Finally, ECF’s advocacy and EuroVelo director Adam Bodor will moderate the closing plenary, adressing the future of cycle tourism in Europe. This plenary will also be the occasion to say a few words about the next Velo-city Conference, taking place in Dublin in June 2019.

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In the parallel sessions as well, you will learn a lot about new and innovative ideas to improve cycle tourism in Europe. These six sessions, moderated by members of ECF’s EuroVelo team, will tackle various topics such as the communication of cycle routes or of cycling in a particular region, the fruitful impacts of adapting public transport to cycle tourism and how to develop cycle routes or cycle tourism programs. Another session will look at cycle highways in order to determine if it creates a synergy together with cycle tourism. A rather eclectic session will address all kinds of innovations in cycle tourism, going from bikefriendly accomodation to touristic e-bikes through a musical approach to cycle tourism. The last session will look at the management and monitoring of some special cycle routes, including the innovative cycle routes built by Heijmans.

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The Conference is being sponsored by several cycling, tourism and map-making companies. These include Velo-Boxx, the ultimate bicycle storage company; KINGO, an amazing SmartBike for tourism featuring an integrated digital cycle guide; Mobit, the smartest bikesharing platform in Belgium; SIGNCO, a compay that guarantees road safety by offering a wide range of new products; CircuitZolder, the legendary Belgian racing track, perfect for cycling, cyclocross and BMX; Stad Hasselt, Hasselt’s city administration; and Cartographia IT, a company delivering smart GIS-based web and mobile solutions.


We strongly hope that you have signed up in time for experiencing the unique with us at the EuroVelo and Cycle Tourism Conference 2018!