EuroVelo and Cycle Tourism Conference Parallel Sessions: Session F – Perfect companions: cycle tourism and public transport


The EuroVelo and Cycle Tourism Conference 2018 will take place on 26-28 September. In this series of articles, we present you the six parallel sessions of the conference, in which speakers from 11 different nationalities will address cycle tourism topics such as innovations, communication, infrastructure and intermodality. All sessions are linked to the theme for this year’s Conference, which is “Experiencing the Unique”.

Session F – “Perfect companions: cycle tourism and public transport” will take place on 27 September, from 14:15 to 15:45. Research has shown that cycle tourists are more likely to choose public transport to reach their holiday destination compared to the average tourist. Unfortunately however, it is often far from easy to combine these different modes currently in Europe. This session will look at some good practice examples that do exist, taking in trains, buses and public bike sharing systems. The session will also consider what more can be done.

The speakers in this session are Martin Bethge (Germany), Joeri de Visser, Alexander De Bièvre (Belgium), and Daniel Mourek (Czechia). Read on to discover who they are and what they will be talking about in this session!

Martin Bethge - photo

After he has worked across multiple transportation and bike disciplines, Martin Bethge now accounts the business side of bike transportation at FlixBus and FlixTrain. With being data driven as a core skill, he tries to fade out his own passion (cycling up mountains and ending up at beaches) when pushing the bike rack equipment level at Flixbus.

He developed a strategy for an organization and prioritization of racks at buses with focus on economic feasibility. At Flixbus he eventually achieved an equipment level of more than 90% of all rides in the German-speaking entities and an ongoing international roll-out in several entities such as Italy, BeNeLux and Scandinavia. At the EuroVelo and Cycle Tourism Conference, Martin will give a presentation titled Flixbus: A Smart and Green Cycle Experience for Everyone.

Joeri De Visser - foto

Joeri de Visser is Product manager at Blue-mobility. He will give a talk titled Blue-bike: How tourism can help improve the service of shared-bike schemes? Joeri ended up studying and working in the field of sustainable transport due to the stories his Dutch grandfather, who was a retired railway worker, told him and the time he spent with him riding their bicycles. Traveling by bike and train has become daily practice for him and he is convinced that the combination of the two beholds most potential to truly make transport more sustainable in an affordable and easy way. Because of his participation in the European project on the integration of Bikes + Trains he became motivated to spread the knowledge of the Dutch best practices to other countries.

Joeri eventually chose to focus on Belgium. In 2014 he did an internship at Velo-Antwerpen (the city-based bikes-sharing scheme in Antwerp) and got first acquainted with Blue-mobility in 2016 as a graduate intern (investigating the potential of the shared bike scheme). In 2017 he worked at the Belgian railways as a Bike-parking manager. Nowadays he works at Blue-mobility, the organization who operates the national shared-bike scheme of Belgium, where he combines working on the two means of transport he likes most (Public Transport and Cycling).

Alexander De Bièvre

Alexander De Bièvre is co-founder of Mobit Belgium. At the EuroVelo and Cycle Tourism Conference, he will talk about Mobit Tourism Platform. Mobit is a smart and flexible bike-sharing platform for station-less bikes, which by expansion is also to be used for electric bikes, e-cars and other mobility solutions.

But Mobit is more than just bike sharing. They aim to be the number one sharing platform in Europe for traditional bikes. The Mobit platform will create a unique source of data which will be valuable to governments and enterprises.


Daniel Mourek has been Central and East European Greenways coordinator at the Czech Environmental Partnership Association (EPA) in Nadace Partnerství, Prague for 15 years. He served for four years as the Vice President of the European Cyclist’s Federation (ECF) and represents EPA as a steering committee member of the European Greenways Association. Currently, Daniel is also a EuroVelo council member at the ECF.

On a national level, he is coordinating long distance greenways and EuroVelo routes (such as Elbe Trail, Iron Curtain Trail, and Prague-Vienna Greenways) in the Czech Republic. On a local level, Daniel is a member of the Prague cycling committee. Daniel’s background is in sustainable tourism development. He studied at the Prague School of Economics (tourism) and University of Berne (sustainable tourism development). His professional career has involved working for the national tourism authority, Czech Tourism, as well as for Thomas Cook before joining the NGO sector at EPA in 2000. He has been an active cycling advocate and promoter of sustainable transport and travel. [Source] At the EuroVelo and Cycle Tourism Conference, Daniel Mourek will give a presentation titled The user’s perspective.

The moderator for this session will be Ed Lancaster, Senior Policy Officer for cycling tourism and regional policy at the ECF. Ed, from United Kingdom, is a member of the EuroVelo team at the ECF. Prior to joining the ECF, he worked for various local planning authorities in South East England and gained a Masters in Urban Planning, which gave him a good understanding of both the opportunities and challenges for increasing levels of cycling.

Featured image: Mobit