Get to know the plenary speakers! Part 1: Ward Segers


Before the EuroVelo and Cycle Tourism Conference 2018, discover the plenary speakers in a series of mini-interviews. We begin with Ward Segers from Toerisme Limburg who will give, in the morning plenary session, a presentation titled “The cycle node network in Limburg, adding new experiences”!

Ward Segers is a historian. After a short time working in education, he gained experience in the heritage sector and (economic) regional development. With his heritage and project management experience he became responsible at Tourism Limburg for the development of several bicycle projects. In addition to the development of a bicycle experience through the Limburg mining area, he also participates in the creation of “cycling through trees”, “cycling through the heath” and “cycling underground”. In his spare time he obviously likes to ride his bike, in Limburg and abroad!

At the EuroVelo and Cycle Tourism Conference, Ward will give a presentation of the history and the unique characteristics of the Limburg cycle node network to show what makes Limburg a cycling paradise. Additionally, Ward will look at the future of this paradise. What new cycling experiences can be expected in the next year and how can we keep Limburg at the top of cycling tourism?

A quick chat with Ward:

  • What cycle tourism lessons are you bringing to the conference?
    I will tackle the question of what does a region need in order to build a good touristic cycling network.
  • What are you looking forward to the most at the EuroVelo and Cycle Tourism Conference 2018?
    Meeting cycling partners and colleagues from all over Europe, and sharing experiences.
  • What is the most important impact of cycle tourism, according to you?
    Cycle tourism is a sustainable type of tourism that, in its current form, economically benefits smaller and regional businesses and thus creates revenue for the region itself.
  • What is your favorite cycling route in Limburg?
    Of course, Cycling through Water is very special! But cycling along the old fruit trail in the south of Limburg is also very nice.

Make sure to attend Ward Segers’ presentation on 27 September at 9:20-10:45! The full conference’s programme is available here.