ADFC presents latest cycle-tourism trends


The German National Cyclists’ Association ADFC just presented its Bicycle Travel Analysis 2018 here at the ITB Berlin, the world’s leading travel and tourism trade fair. The analysis revealed which routes and regions convinced cyclists in 2017 and what they plan to do this year. Moreover, regions could learn how the trend towards electric bicycles will affect them, and the ADFC awarded prizes to cycle routes and regions for their quality. Your EuroVelo correspondent explains the highlights.

For the German cyclists surveyed by the ADFC, the Danube Cycle Route is the most popular cycle route abroad, leading with a large margin. The Danube Cycle Route forms part of EuroVelo 6, which leads from the Atlantic to the Black Sea. It is followed by the Via Claudia Augusta in Austria and Italy, while the Etsch Cycle Route ranks third.

Moreover, the most popular cycle regions abroad for the German cyclists polled in the ADFC survey are the Netherlands, South Tyrol and the Alps. Mallorca, Austria and France follow in the ranks.


While the total number of cycle tourists in Germany declined in 2017, dropping by 17% to 4.3 million people, the ADFC pointed out that this was down to the bad weather in the summer. Demand is expected to rise again this year, with cyclists aiming to make good for the days lost last year. Moreover, the number of day trips rose by 11% to 167 million. In addition, there were 99 million day trips during holidays in 2017.

Based on these figures, the ADFC highlighted that there is great potential for day trips and short trips. The trend towards cycle tourism continues, with diversification of demand for cycle tourism rising. The polled cycle tourists rated the quality of offers as positive, but there is potential to improve signposting and travel to/from destinations.

The ADFC’s Bicycle Travel Analysis is based on two representative national online panels and a public survey via ADFC channels, i.e. almost 8,700 respondents. You can have a look at the full results here.