Two new routes plus a major extension move a step closer to joining the network


The proposed EuroVelo 14 – Waters of Central Europe Route and EuroVelo 19 – Meuse Cycle Route, as well as an extension to EuroVelo 8 – Mediterranean Route along the Izmir coast in Turkey, have all become official ‘Candidate Routes’ following the decision of the EuroVelo Council at the beginning of July.  The applicants will now have until the end of 2019 to implement the routes before a final decision is taken on whether they can formally become part of the network.

Every three years there is an opportunity to apply to the ECF to make major changes to the EuroVelo network.  These can include adding brand new EuroVelo routes or significantly changing the itinerary of existing routes.  At the end of last year, a number of applications were submitted to the ECF to make such changes and at a meeting of the EuroVelo Council at the beginning of July, two new routes and one extension to an existing route were approved.  These will all now become official Candidate Routes.

The application for EuroVelo 14 – Waters of Central Europe connects several major bodies of water in Austria and Hungary, including Lake Balaton, the rivers Mur and Rába and the thermal baths at Loipersdorf, Hévíz and Eger.  The route connects Zell am See in Austria and Debrecen in Hungary and is 1,054 km long.  It is proposed that this initial itinerary could be extended both to the east and to the west as part of future phases. As the route runs in an East-West direction is has been given the next available even number which is EuroVelo 14.

Waters of Central Europe

The Meuse Cycle Route is currently the focus of an Interreg Project and so there is already a transnational partnership in place developing its infrastructure, services and communication and marketing.  The route follows the course of the River Meuse (Maas in Dutch) through France, Belgium and the Netherlands.  As it runs in a north – south direction it has been given the next available odd number, which is EuroVelo 19.

Meuse Cycle Route

An extension to EuroVelo 8 – Mediterranean Route has also been approved.  The application was submitted by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and proposes a 500 km route connecting the two ancient settlements of Pergamon and Ephesus, both of which are World Heritage sites.  A small section of EuroVelo 13 – Iron Curtain Trail passes through northern Turkey but this would represent the first major section of EuroVelo routes in the country.

Route Extension TurkeyOver the next eighteen months, all three applicants will need to realise the project plans included in their applications to the satisfaction of the EuroVelo Council.  All being well, there will be even more of the EuroVelo network for you to explore from 2019 onwards!

We will be providing updates on how the Candidate Routes are progressing through the news section of the website.