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Are you wondering about the current state of the EuroVelo network and the road conditions on the various EuroVelo routes? Every 3 years, the EuroVelo Overview Map is updated in order to offer the most accurate information about the current development status of the EuroVelo network to cyclists.

At the end of February 2013, the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) published a EuroVelo map providing an overview of the 14 long distance cycle routes that make up the European cycle route network. Now, four years later, the ECF has published a new version of this map, providing an overview of the now 15 long distance cycle routes which are part of the EuroVelo network.

The updated map shows the itinerary and the current status of each route (Certified EuroVelo Route, Developed route with EuroVelo signs, Developed route, Route under development and Route at the planning stage), and is therefore more detailed than the previous map, which only provided information on whether the route was realized, non-realised or planned. The new map also contains updated information on the main public transport connections, as well as some of the major tourist attractions to look out for along the way. On the back of the map is a short introduction to each of the 15 routes designed to inspire potential cycle tourists to head out on their bikes.  There are also links to sources for  further information at a national level.


New Map- EU12

One of the route maps which has been updated is the EuroVelo 12- The North Sea Cycle Route. Above you can see an updated version of the EuroVelo 12 map. The North Sea Route is a 6.200 km long cycling path, which is established in all the countries bordering the North Sea. The road conditions in the countries along the Route are very diverse. From mountainous cycle paths in the fjords of Norway to the flat, below sea-level ones in the Netherlands-The EuroVelo 12, has a lot of variety to offer to every cyclist.

As can be seen in the map and its legend below, most of the EuroVelo 12 is feasible and can be easily cycled. The cycling routes in Denmark, Great Britain and Scotland are developed and well-marked with EuroVelo signs along the way. The large section of the Route from Germany to Belgium is developed, as well. However, there might be no signposts available on this section of the Route. A smaller section of the Route in Sweden is still at the planning stage. Let’s hope that it will be realised until the next updated version of the EuroVelo map is published.

EuroVelo, the European cycle route network, is a network of 15 long distance cycle routes that connect the whole continent. Every three years, a new updated overview map of the EuroVelo network is printed. After the success of the previous edition, the 2017 map will be the main promotional tool for the network over the coming years, inspiring all those wishing to discover Europe by bike.

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What’s new? Keeping the best features of the 2013 version, the new edition has updated and improved information including: the latest route itineraries; clearer route development levels; and updated contacts and links, such as to the main European cycle tourism web portal: