Seven EuroVelo routes in the Top 10 most popular cycle routes chosen by German cycle tourists

cycle routes

ADFC, the German National EuroVelo Coordinator, and the Travelbike Vermietung published their annual Bike Travel Analysis earlier this month compiling the latest figures on bicycle tourism and identifying interesting trends in the behavior of German cycle tourists inside and outside their country.

The headline figure was that over the last two years (2014 – 2016), the amount of German bicycle travelers has increased by a breathtaking 30 per cent.  Of course the analysis is only based on Germany but as Germany is the strongest source market for cycle tourists in Europe the conclusions are not only of high interest for stakeholders (e.g. tour operators, regional tourism boards etc.) in Germany but also elsewhere in Europe.

As with previous years, the data was collected through neutral service providers across the whole of Germany. Overall it is clear that cycle tourism is a dynamic growing holiday segment. To underline this trend with a few numbers, in 2014 there were around four million travelers who did an overnight trip with the bicycle, while in 2016 this figure had increased to around 5.2 million. Furthermore, the daily cycling trips raised up to 150 million.

Of the cycle trips undertaken, 72% were of at least 3 nights and on average a trip of around 4-7 nights is the most popular length for Germans. There was also a noticeable difference between the popularity of long distance tours (74%) and people returning to same base each night (26%) – younger people tend to favour the long distance tours while older people prefer the cycling trips always starting and ending in one location.


Even though digital information like google maps are becoming more and more used, printed materials like maps (64%) and travel guides (40%) are still very important. Surprisingly the use of smartphones for the orientation on a cycling trip decreased by 7% (now 48%) since the analysis of 2015, while the use of signposts is still on the top and increased up to 79% (in 2015: 76%).

The EuroVelo network did very well when it came to the respondents naming their most popular routes. Seven of cycle routes in the Top 10 most popular cycle routes for German cyclists outside their country, form all or part of EuroVelo routes, including the North Sea Cycle Route (EuroVelo 12), the Loire Cycle Route (EuroVelo 6), the Cycle Route from Berlin to Copenhagen (EuroVelo 7), Elbe Cycle Route (EuroVelo 7) the Rhine Cycle Route (EuroVelo 15) and the Baltic Sea Cycle Route (EuroVelo 10).  The favourite destination was the Danube Cycle Route with nearly 25%, which is also part of EuroVelo 6!

cycle routes

Within Germany, EuroVelo routes also featured strongly with four of the top ten forming at part of the EuroVelo network: Elbe Cycle Route (EuroVelos 7 and 13), Rhine Cycle Route (EuroVelo 15), Baltic Sea Cycle Route (EuroVelo 10) and the Danube Cycle Route (EuroVelo 6).

We recommend you to take a detailed look on the complete overview results of the analysis and to check which information are especially relevant for you. Here you can find it in English or here in German.