Advocacy success: Italy’s bold investment in cycling tourism

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Thanks to the continuous work of FIAB, National EuroVelo Coordinator, Italy breaks one milestone after another in putting cycling high on the political agenda. After the proposal of a speed limit of 30 kph in urban areas, the Italian Parliament voted for the development of cycling tourism in the country.

The Italian Parliament is now supporting the development of national tourism cycle paths in the network of EuroVelo and Bicitalia and also the monitoring of these cycle paths. The resolutions are mainly focused on cycle tourism but a spillover of benefits is expected for everyday cyclists.

The Arlotti Resolution encourages, supports and develops the potential of cycling with promo-commercialisation activities. The idea is to involve the whole supply chain consisting of ENIT (national agency for tourism), regional APT (regional agencies), Unions of product and consortia. By that the resolution is willing to enhance the tourist offer of specific products and packages and to promote the construction of integrated offers along the same or different routes for example. Building synergies, allocating specific resources and encouraging the digitisation of route information, characteristics and places of interest are agreements among others. The resolution also foresees the feasibility study of the transformation of unused railway tracks to cycle paths and the support of efforts for the safety and maintenance of cycle routes.

For more detailed information you can take a look on the full resolution here [ITA].

“FIAB welcome this further step forward for the development of cycling in Italy. But above all we highlight the commitment to implement interventions within a framework as is the concept of a network, in this case Bicitalia and Eurovelo. Now we expect that the framework law on cycling can finally be approved in order to give further impetus to the ongoing change towards a more modern style mobility which sees the bicycle one of the most effective and sustainable solutions.” Giulietta Pagliaccio, President of FIAB, says.

FIAB is a proud alumni of ECF’s Leadership Program which supports organisations to reach their full potential and become professional cycling advocates at national level.

Picture: Caspar Diederik/

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