European Certification Standard – EuroVelo App for route inspectors

2015-09-25 14.55.26

The European Cyclists’ Federation has developed an application for portable devices that will improve the collection of data and calculation of the evaluation results when certifing EuroVelo routes.

Based on the European Certification Standard manual developed by EuroVelo, an application to improve the work of the route inspectors has been developed in collaboration with Ciclogreen. The new app, which is compatible with tablets and phones using the android operating system, will have a significant impact in the field work of the route inspectors, making the whole process decisively easier.


Whats is new? The advantages of the new app are:

Efficient. Your time is valuable. It is nowtime to say goodbye to the process of collecting the data on paper, transferring it to an excel sheet before calculating the certification results.

Paper free. The new system for collecting data along the route is paper free. It means that the route inspectors don’t have to work with excel tables printed on paper anymore or for taking notes or facing weather challenges.

Time saving. The new app keeps the data that has not changed from the previous section, so that the route inspectors only have to update the information that changes from one km to another.

- Safer. The collected information is sent to a server where it is available to be analyzed from any device in the world connected to the internet.

Faster. The certification results are calculated automatically and visible on the device. It also allows you to come back to one specific km and fix mistakes.

The application allows the route inspector to take notes, geo-located pictures and more.

A free version of the application is available using the link below and will be part of the Evaluation Certification Standard training course that will be held in Brussels in October 2015. This application has been developed in the framework of the Demarrage EU Funded project.

You can always find the newest version of the app in our resources under the Official EuroVelo Manuals.