Transatlantic friendship: EuroVelo and Adventure Cycling Association announce partnership


As some of you will know, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean there is a sister cycle route network to EuroVelo called the Adventure Cycling Route Network.  Organised by the Adventure Cycling Association, the network is currently over 67,000 km long and visits most parts of North America.  In addition to their own mapped route network, Adventure Cycling also coordinates the adoption of these routes and others into a nationally designated and signed network, called the U.S. Bicycle Route System.

ACAAt the ECF’s Velo-city conference series in Vancouver, Canada in 2012, the EuroVelo team first made contact with Adventure Cycling and the two organisations have been in regular contact ever since to compare notes, discuss different approaches and share best practices.

In 2012, the ECF’s Director of EuroVelo, Cycling Tourism and Regional Policy, Ádám Bodor, tried out some of the Pacific Coast Route.  Later that same year, Jim Sayer – Adventure Cycling’s Executive Director – made a reciprocal trip to Europe, which included giving a presentation at the first ever EuroVelo, Greenways and Cycling Tourism Conference and joining that year’s Annual National EuroVelo Coordination Centres and Coordinators Meeting, which was held in Nantes, France.

Taking into account the shared goals of the two networks, it was decided earlier this year that the links should be made stronger and the two organisations agreed to promote each other’s work and the respective route networks in order to encourage and promote cycle tourism, route development and knowledge sharing.

This partnership was formally agreed at a meeting in Amsterdam at the end of June.  This this was the final destination of Ginny Sullivan, the Director of Travel Initiatives, who had embarked on her own fact-finding tour of Europe with her husband.   The ECF’s Ed Lancaster had travelled to the Dutch capital to meet them but, as with previous meetings, the was not enough time to talk about all the things they wanted to, especially as the Sullivan’s were so enthused by what they had seen on the road in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France,  Belgium and the Netherlands.  Further proof of the value of keeping up regular contact between the two organisations!

So, starting this August, the ECF will feature a bi-monthly article on the Adventure Cycling’s intiatives to create better bicycle travel conditions on both the EuroVelo website and in the EuroVelo newsletter.  At the same time Adventure Cycling will feature articles on EuroVelo in their excellent magazine,  Adventure Cyclist.

We hope that you will enjoy finding out about what is happening on the other side of the pond as much as we do!

If you can’t wait until August to find out more information about Adventure Cycling and the the work they do to promote bicycle travel and tourism, you can visit their website.

To find out more about Ginny Sullivan’s trip to Europe you can view her blog entry.