There have been a number of route development projects in recent years.  Each one has slightly different aims and objectives but they typically involve developing action plans, joint marketing and publicity strategies, sharing best practices and even improvements to physical infrastructure.

In most cases the ECF is one partner in a multinational team.  At the moment, it is involved in long term management agreements  related to EuroVelo 15 – Rhine Cycle Route and EuroVelo 19 – Meuse Cycle Route.

At the moment, there are three ongoing EU funded projects :

EuroVelo 8 – Mediterranean Route – funded by the Interreg Mediterranen Programme

EuroVelo 1 – Atlantic Coast Route – funded by the EU Atlantic Area Interreg programme

ECO-CICLE – funded by Interreg Europe

The ECF is always keen to hear about proposals for new route development projects and welcomes the opportunity to share the knowledge and experience it has gained from past projects.

Please contact us if you have any proposals.