Images of the Month 2012

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To round up what has been a successful year for EuroVelo, here is a nice picture of the Latvian coast near Riga at dusk. EuroVelo 10 is called the Baltic Sea Cycle Route and you can see why from this picture! Of course the official route does not pass along the beach but in Latvia there are plenty of opportunities to take a dip if you wish.
EuroVelo 10 on the Latvian Coast © Vidzeme Tourism Association

As previously reported on our News page, a stunning 1 kilometre long bicycle bridge was opened on the Austrian and Slovakian border back in September. After several years of construction, the “Freedom Bridge” cost €5 million and was substantially co-funded by the EU. Exclusively built for pedestrians and cyclists, the bridge connects the towns of Schlosshof in eastern Austria and Devinska Nova Ves in Slovakia, which were once divided by the infamous ‘Iron Curtain’. It also provides a missing link in the 10,000 km long EuroVelo13 – Iron Curtain Trail, a cycle route which retraces the former ‘Iron Curtain’ which divided East and West Europe for almost half a century.

EuroVelo 13 on the Austrian Slovakian border EuroVelo 6 in France © RNDr. Daniel Kollár

After the Départements & Régions cyclables’ successful Annual Congress in Nantes at the end of September, we joined some of the organisers on a short trip up the Loire River along EuroVelo 6 – Atlantic – Black Sea. The company, weather and food were all fantastic and we were even able to follow some excellent EuroVelo signage. A fitting end to a busy yet rewarding week in Nantes.

EuroVelo 6 in France © DRC

Unfortunately this corner of EuroVelo 12 on the Shetland Islands has become a bit of a cul-de-sac after the ferry linking it to Norway, and the rest of the North Sea Cycle Route, was cancelled. It is a shame because, as this photo demonstrates, it is a fantastic place for exploring by bike (especially when the sun pokes through the clouds!).

EuroVelo 12 in the UK © Lizzie Whitely

As reported last week, representatives of the National EuroVelo Coordination Centre for Greece and the National EuroVelo Coordinator for Turkey have been undertaking a trip this summer to explore the potential for extending EuroVelo 8 – Mediterranean Route along some of the Greek Islands and then on to Turkey via Cyprus. This photo was taken by Georgios Farfaras from the Greek National EuroVelo Coordination Centre on the harbour of Chania, Crete. It certainly looks inviting! We will find out later this year if the two organisations agree to submit the proposed extension for consideration.

Chania, Crete © Georgios Farfaras

A timely photo because the French section of EuroVelo 1, known as La Vélodyssée, was officially ‘launched‘ with new signposting and a dedicated website at the end of June. Also because it shows the stretch of EuroVelo 1 on the Nantes to Brest Canal, and we’ll be heading to Nantes in September for the first ever ECF / European Greenways Association joint conference on EuroVelo, Greenways and Cycling Tourism. For more details, including how you can participate, click here.

EuroVelo 1 in France © La Vélodyssée/J.Damase

The whole of EuroVelo 15 – the Rhine Route is now open for business! Taken on Friday 8th June by Ulf Kautmann, who is a consultant working on the Demarrage project, this picture shows the Oberalppass in Switzerland, which is close to the source of Rhine. At 2,046 metres it is one of the highest points in the entire network and as you can tell, it is not always possible to cycle it! From here the Rhine, and EuroVelo 15, wind their way through Switzerland, France, Germany and the Netherlands before entering the North Sea, 1230 km later.

EuroVelo 15 in Switzerland © Ulf Keutmann

Unfortunately, we don’t get to cycle the EuroVelo routes as much as we would like to but last month our work took us to Switzerland and the opportunity presented itself to ride a couple of sections of the route along the Rhine which forms part of both EuroVelos 6 and 15. We were impressed by quality of the sign posting, which regularly integrates EuroVelo signage. It also allowed us to test the Route Certification Process, which is being developed in the framework of the Demarrage (EuroVelo 15 – Rhine Route) Project. More information relating to that will be available later in the year.

If you have any photos that you took whilst out exploring the EuroVelo routes let us know we’ll see if we can include them on this page. Email them to
EuroVelo 6 and 15 in Switzerland

There is something about signposts that encourages you to explore, particularly when the destinations go beyond your national borders. These signposts were spotted by EuroVelo Council Member (and ECF Vice President) Frans van Schoot along EuroVelo 6 – Atlantic to the Black Sea. The EuroVelo Signage Manual contains information on the signage formats that have been approved by UNECE WP.1 (United Nations Economic and Social Council, Working party on road safety and signalisation).

Signage on EuroVelo 6 © Frans van Schoot

No single image can encapsulate an entire EuroVelo route, particularly one as long as EuroVelo 13 – Iron Curtain Trail (it’s over 9,000km!), however this picture certainly brings together many of the key elements of that route. Taken by the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation (Nadace Partnerstvi), it makes you look forward to long days out on the bike in the sun!

EuroVelo 13 in the Czech Republic © Nadace Partnerstvi

The picture was provided by Martyn Brunt of Sustrans – the National EuroVelo Coordinator in the UK – and shows the last span of a brand new 300 metre long walking / cycling viaduct being winched into place. The 24-metre high structure will be known as “Gem Bridge” and crosses the River Walkham near Tavistock, Devon on EuroVelo 1 (National Cycle Network Route 27). Once opened it will open up another traffic-free section of the EV/NCN route which is currently on road.

EuroVelo 1 in the UK © Devon County Council

To kick things off we have this fab photo of one of the most northerly points in the entire network – the end of EuroVelo 13 where it meets the Barents Sea on the Norwegian / Russian border. It was taken last summer by Henrik Duus, who works for the National EuroVelo Coordination Centre in Norway, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

EuroVelo 13 in Norway © Henrik Duus