Images of the Month 2013

Here’s an inviting image to start the new year.  A ‘green tunnel’ formed over EuroVelo 11 – East Europe Route in Hungary.
EuroVelo 11 in Hungary © Lorschy András, Happy Bike Kft.

Both EuroVelo 4 and EuroVelo 12 pass along the Flanders Coast in Belgium where conditions are perfect for cycle touring: low gradients, well signed routes, quaint villages, lively towns and world famous beer!


One of the many benefits of cycle tourism is that it typically has very little impact on the environment. What impact it does have can be reduced even further if you travel to and from your cycle trip by public transport.

Taking your bike to your destination by train is the ideal combination for environmentally friendly mobility for both short and long distance journeys. Most locations in Europe are accessible by train and by booking in advance you may be able to find some cheaper fares. Many trains are now equipped with special bicycle areas bit not all, so it is best to check with the rail operator before your journey. See also if you need to make a reservation.
Bicycles on a train in France

Proof that the EuroVelo routes are not only enjoyed by humans! This photo was taken on EuroVelo 9 in the Czech Republic, part of which has just been signed for the first time as part of a European project.

EuroVelo 9 in the Czech Republic

The Netherlands is the latest European country to install their first EuroVelo signs. This important step also takes us closer towards the completion of EuroVelo 15 – Rhine Cycle Route.  Volunteers from the Dutch National EuroVelo Coordination Centre, Landelijk Fietsplatform, were on hand in April to convert the existing signage along the Rhine Cycle Route so that they incorporate the EuroVelo logo and clearly mark the way for people wishing to cycle the international route. In total, around 1,000 EuroVelo stickers were applied to signs along the route.

EuroVelo 15 in the Netherlands

Summer has arrived and people across Europe will be starting to pack up their panniers and head out onto the continent’s cycle paths, tracks and roads for some adventure.  This spring has seen hundreds of EuroVelo sign posts installed (including Austria, Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Spain) to help cyclists on transnational journeys.  This example was taken in northern France along EuroVelo 4 – Central Europe Route.  The signs were installed as part of the Tour de Manche project, which was officially launched on 22nd June.
EV4_France (c) Tresgastel_A Lamoureux

As part of the ECF’s Summer Campaign we asked you to send in your photos from your bike travels.  This photo was taken by Balázs Kelló on the EuroVelo 6 – Atlantic-Black Sea in Slovakia between Komarom and Bratislava.   Balázs explained that on the previous day they were caught in the rain, so the following morning they had to dry their stuff as they went along!
Balázs Kelló eurovelo6_01

Another image from our Summer Campaign, this time from Ines Saraiva.  It shows the sun going down on the Belgian coast near Oostende on EuroVelo 12 – North Sea Cycle Route.
Ines Saraiva 12



A dream-like Pyrenean landscape along the PiriNexus/EuroVelo 8 route in northern Spain. Photo from Vies Verdes de Girona – Instagram.


Petra Čačić and Goran Periša from Croatia travelled Europe by bike this summer, crossing Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Italy on EuroVelos 6, 7 and 8 – See more photos from their trip here. Our interview with Petra and Goran is coming soon to


Benjamin McEldowney and Edmund Luke cycled on EuroVelo all the way from London to Turkey, checking out the new EuroVelo 13 – Iron Curtain Trail on the way. This 14th century Ottoman bridge will lead cycle tourists into the city of Edirne, one of European Turkey’s undiscovered gems. Read about Ben and Ed’s adventures on and on their blog.


Miron Podgorean took a different route home from Belgium to Romania this summer – by train to Passau and then by bike to Bucharest along the EuroVelo 6. Along the way he snapped this charming shot of a Hungarian cyclist on a rather shorter trip in Esztergom.

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