Changing Gear Workshop

On the 25th April, the Changing Gear Workshop took place at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Jelling in Denmark. This original event looked at how cycling tourism can benefit cultural heritage. Various people involved in cultural heritage site management attended this free event.

Increased leisure time has led to growth in the demand for visits to cultural heritage sites. Whilst this brings important revenue to the sites through entrance fees and souvenir sales, it can create challenges for the management of the site, including how people visit the site. Almost all cultural heritage sites will have experienced the problems of having too many visitors arriving by private car, which can cause parking issues for the neighbouring area as well as potentially harming the setting of the site itself. In the frame of the ongoing EuroVelo 3 – Pilgrims Route project, co-funded by the COSME Programme of the European Union, we organised this workshop to look at how this increased demand can be balanced with the conservation needs of the site through the promotion of cycling.

Have a look at the programme and presentations below from various participants who shared their expertise, discussed the challenges that they have met in the past and put forward ideas that would help to tackle this important issue!

Event programme:



Event presentations:

The Jelling Case, Morten Teilmann Jorgensen

A Users’ Perspective, Henrik Lythe Jorgensen

Enabling Behaviour Change, Richard Weston

Case studies:

Grand Tour Czech, Jakub Ditrich

Greenways Heritage, Kris Rockele

Good and bad practicesRichard Weston


Event photos: