The EuroVelo network is managed by the ECF with the support of the National EuroVelo Coordination Centres / Coordinators (NECC/Cs) and various project partners.

The highest decision making body is the ECF Board.  In 2007, the ECF Board created the ECF EuroVelo Council to act as an advisory body for the ECF in the implementation and operation of EuroVelo.  The ECF EuroVelo Council currently meets twice a year and has seven members who are appointed for terms of three years:



  • Dr Käthi Diethelm (Chair, ECF Vice-president),
  • Camille Thomé (Départements & Régions Cyclables),
  • Daniel Mourek (Nadace Partnerství),
  • Phil Insall (Sustrans),
  • Lukas Stadtherr (Velobüro Schweiz),
  • Jens Erik Larsen (Foreningen Frie Fugle)
  • William Nederpelt (Fietsersbond)




Day-to-day management of the EuroVelo network is undertaken by the ECF EuroVelo Management Team, which is based in the ECF Office in Brussels.  The financing of this central coordination is provided through ECF membership, European Union institutions and agencies, National EuroVelo Coordination Centres and Coordinators, project partners and the private sector.

Team May 2014

The ECF EuroVelo Management Team is responsible for communicating EuroVelo throughout Europe and globally.   It provides overview information (in electronic and printed form) on EuroVelo routes and on services such as international cycle transport, guidebooks and bookable offers, as well as on national cycle routes in European countries.  The Management Team also refers to detailed information at a local level on sections of EuroVelo routes and on national and regional routes.  Last but not least, it informs its project partners on the key requirements for the implementation of EuroVelo and transfers expertise and good practice between partners.