How to create a NECC


Group Photo

Photo taken from the 2014 National EuroVelo Coordination Centres and Coordinators meeting in Basel.


For those of you involved or interested in the establishment of a NECC in your country, we have created a presentation with all the information you might need:

How to create a NECC? The presentation contains the following information:

  • How  EuroVelo is organised at European and national level?
  • What does a NECC do?
    • Mandatory tasks
    • Optional tasks
  • How to create a NECC?
    • Existing National EuroVelo Coordination Centres (NECC)
    • Good examples
    • Proposals

This presentation can be donwloaded here.

For more information about the NECC/NC please visit our main NECC page. To apply to becaome a NECC please click here.